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  • Legal Counsels Law Office Prof. Dr. Piotr Nazaruk

Legal Counsels Law Office Prof. Dr. Piotr Nazaruk

The Law Office has been established in 2006 by Piotr Nazaruk. Currently, the law firm provides a legal assistance in the form of Piotr Nazaruk Law Office – permanently cooperating with group of legal counsels. The law office has its headquarters in Warsaw and office in Gdansk.

The Law Office has established its position on the legal market as an entity providing permanent legal services for entrepreneurs and specialist advice within the scope of civil and commercial law with particular focus on banking activities and  financial instruments.  

The Law Office for several years closely specializes in legal services for Clients who have entered into loan agreements denominated / indexed to foreign currencies.

The strength of our team, led by Piotr Nazaruk, is combination of highly-specialist knowledge (certified by academic degrees) with longstanding legal and managerial practice. It enables us to provide our clients with optimal solutions, taking into account both legal and business aspects.

Since 2018 the Law Office permanently cooperates with foreign lawyers and economic advisers conducting their professional activities in  People’s Republic of China.


Our Team

Our team is composed of:

  • Managing Partner – legal counsel Prof. Dr. PIOTR  NAZARUK
  • Partners – the group of leading legal counsels
  • Experts – professors and doctors of legal studies
  • Lawyers – legal counsel trainees, PhD student in law and foreign lawyers and attorneys from China

All cases entrusted to the Law Office are conducted with direct supervision by Managing Partner, who is responsible for contact with clients and coordination of activities performed by Partners and other lawyers.

The Law Office’s team members conduct their legal practice in offices in the biggest cities in Poland and People’s Republic of China. We provide legal assistance in Polish, English, German and Chinese.

The composition of Our Team assures the competency for comprehensive legal assistance concerning all branches of law, for big corporate clients as well as for individual clients. We constitute perfectly organized Team of competent lawyers who perform their work with passion and whose knowledge, academic competencies, experience and professional standards guarantee individual approach, personal engagement and effectiveness in action.

dr Piotr Nazaruk

Piotr Nazaruk

Legal counsel, Professor and Doctor of Law in Civil Law (2013), graduate of full-time law studies on Gdansk University (2004), graduate of postgraduate studies PRE-Master of Business Administration (2007) and numerous practical courses in the matter of law, finance and management. He speaks English.

Since 2006 conducts own legal practice, which currently operates under the name: Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Prof. ucz. dr Piotr Nazaruk, with its registered seat in Warsaw. Furthermore, for many years he has been permanently cooperating with renowned law offices, including advising of Counsel one of the biggest Polish law offices specializing in providing legal assistance for foreign investors. . In the years 2004-2019, management board and supervisory board member for several corporations and foundation. In the years 2015-2019 government expert. He is court mediator and arbitrator, i.a. permanent arbitrator in Lewiatan Court of Arbitration in Warsaw.

He combines his legal practice with employment at universities: since 2005 as a lecturer, since 2014 as assistance professor and 2020 as an associate professor. Since 2016 he has been an employee at the European School of Law and Administration in Warsaw (giving lectures in Warsaw, London and Brussels departments) (www.ewspa.edu.pl). Since 2018 he is a leader of Business and Commercial Law Department at the European School of Law and Administration in Warsaw.

The legal practice and academic activity of legal counsel Prof. dr. Piotr Nazaruk concentrates on matters of civil law and commercial law including: banking activities and financial instruments. Above mentioned is proven by numerous academic publications in that matter, i.a. 1) doctoral thesis: „Arbitration Clause Concerning Disputes Arising from Issues Related to Joint-stock Companies” (2013); 2) Commentaries i.a.: Acts in law, Defects in the declaration of intent, Contract of leasing, Loan, Bank account, Company, Remittance and securities [in:] “Civil Code. Commentary”, ed. J. Ciszewski, P. Nazaruk, Wolters Kluwer / SIP LEX (2019); 3) publications, including: “Impact of corporate governance rules on the powers of supervisory boards of joint-stock companies in European Union countries” (2005) and “Problematic aspects of classifying the provisions of a limited liability company agreement based on the legal nature” (2014); 4) law conferences, including: “The problematic aspects of invalidity of loan agreements indexed to the CHF currency” (2017). In addition he gives TV interviews i.a. regarding loans in CHF (http://www.vimeo.com/224196189), mediation (https://vimeo.com/238055298) and arbitration (https://vimeo.com/243072859)


The Law Office ensures legal assistance including:

  • providing advice and consultancy concerning specific areas of law
  • drawing legal opinions and expert appraisals concerning specific areas of law
  • drafting agreements, corporate acts and other legal documents
  • representation in negotiations, mediations, and arbitration proceedings
  • representations in all kinds of courts including the Supreme Court
  • coprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs, including foreign entrepreneurs

The Law Office provides its service within following areas of law:

  • Civil law
  • Commercial law
  • Banking law and financial market’s law
  • Public Commercial law

In respective cases, the Law Office renders its legal service through electronic  means of communication (i.a. phone, e-mail, remote data, teleconference, Skype), provided that the agreed remuneration has been paid. Abovementioned forms of communication are standard solutions for permanent clients of the Law Office.

The Law Office’s remuneration is adjusted to specific, complexity and character of given services and people who perform them. The Law Office’s remuneration is calculated as a product of time expended on performing given service and the hourly rate agreed with client. On the client’s request, there could be agreed a maximum amount of remuneration or adequate lump sum remuneration. The Law Office gives a discount for clients who pay the remuneration in advance and who commission further services.

Law Office Specializations

Our law firm specializes in:

  • legal assistance for clients of banks, including for parties to loan agreements in CHF
  • expert consultancy in the field of civil law, commercial law and banking law

We solve the most difficult practical problems in the field of civil law, commercial law and banking law – at the highest academic level. We provide comprehensive consultancy services related to the implementation of all types of business ventures. We prepare legal and expert opinions, and we conduct precedential cases before common courts and arbitration courts as well as before the Supreme Court.

Our team has unique qualifications and experience in the following areas:

  • Banking, securities and financial instruments
  • Litigations in cases against banks
  • Commercial contracts in domestic and international trade
  • Legal services for companies and corporate governance advisory
  • Due diligence, Handling Investment and M&A (mergers and acquisitions) transactions
  • Debt collection, enforcement proceedings as well as bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings
  • Real estate trading and development as well as construction projects
  • Arbitration, negotiations and mediation with entrepreneurs and public entities
  • Advisory services for public institutions including Ministry of Economy
  • Legal advice on economic cooperation with People’s Republic of China

The Law Office in particular offers services concerning::

  • representation of borrowers in court disputes with banks regarding the undermining of loan agreements  in CHF
  • legal services in China, in particular: companies and trademarks registration; debt collection

Legal Counsels Law Office Prof. Dr. Piotr Nazaruk

www: Kancelaria.PNazaruk.pl e-mail: Kancelaria@PNazaruk.pl,
Office in Warsaw:


PL, 02-496 Warszawa, 4/17 Władysława Hermana Street
e-mail: kancelaria@pnazaruk.pl, phone: +48 22 308 0260
PL NIP: 9570890596, Account number: 63 1160 2202 0000 0003 5930 3966 (IBAN: PL, SWIFT: BIGBPLPW)


Branch in Warsaw:

PL, 00-120 Warsaw, 59 Złota Street – Lumen 6th floor
e-mail: kancelaria@pnazaruk.pl,  tel. +48 22 308 0260

Office in Gdansk:

PL, 80-855 Gdańsk, 1/1508 Wały Piastowskie Street
phone: +48 58 580 5062, e-mail: kancelaria@pnazaruk.pl



Managing Partner: Legal counsel Prof. Dr. Piotr  Nazaruk
phone: +48 22 308 02 60, e-mail: kancelaria@pnazaruk.pl

The meetings in our offices are held only after prior agreement – through phone or e-mail correspondence
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